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rising_sun_logo.jpg (13274 bytes) art by Lil Don

The Music down that path was usually in front of Billy and Irma's place... No special reason, folks just seemed to gather there/



don.jpg (15522 bytes)
What is the name of the girl sitting there with Jim Walsh... So many faces - so few names!!


jim.jpg (8395 bytes)
Billy & Irmas front step.  Terri Foos looking at us on the left, and little Don on top on the right. Frank next to him..

Could be Pat next to Terry???




Little Don's Work - I'm Go

June and Terry a couple doors down...who's place was that?????


makapuu0268.jpg (5612 bytes)
We  went frog gigging, Up to your neck in the stream with a flashlight and spear.  Then had frog legs and beer at a campfire in the water preserve.


chinese market on the corner

Looks like a mostly "Moon and Cages" crowd. Another circle of people off to the left.


primo.jpg (18239 bytes)
Al Knox sings. 


partycrew1.jpg (21170 bytes)
Hmmm, remember the Peanut Tree, our local bar!!.  dontknow.jpg (20243 bytes)peanutree2.jpg (10046 bytes)
Ok Jim, I don't have a clue. I remember this ladies face, but nothing else about the photo? a_party3.jpg (10185 bytes)
Hmmm, vaugely remember the party, but not where?? This was down on the other end of Waikiki wasn't it???. dontknownme.jpg (19844 bytes)
Barb, isn't that you in the lower left.  I think I see Patricia in the upper right looking out the window. zoo.jpg (9532 bytes)

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