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Jim and I don't remember the names of the couple on the left?  On the right is the wife of "Tree" the tall Navy guy...must have a picture here of him here somewhere. guests.jpg (14702 bytes)

Ah Yes... here it is!!

Here's Tree and his wife on the front step.   Bill Hartle had there names, they are Sheri and John Shaw.

neighbors.jpg (13930 bytes)
John & Barbara john_barbara.jpg (9425 bytes)
Vince, need I say more.   Not like anyone could forget Vince! vince.jpg (7985 bytes)
Zoo, where are you, hope you still have it all together! Anyone see her after '68. Also, anybody know her real name? I never got it as  she bounced by. zoo_2.jpg (13789 bytes)
Shaw & Chrissi were neighbors across the path. Were they originally part of the "Nursery" group that Jim H. was provided emergency hospital transportation for?  shaw_crisi.jpg (11737 bytes)
Jim assures me that he has no memory of this event.  I thought it was the airport, but could it be in the Peanut Tree?  Nah .. goinghome.jpg (9149 bytes)
Hmmmm, I can still hear her voice, but I can't recall her name. hmmm.jpg (13272 bytes)
Jimmy ?  I barely remember  except for an explosively bubbly personality. Jim, remind me.

jh photo


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