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Where are you Jim Walsh...?

Pennsylvania turned out to be the answer.  Jim is looking for photos now, and says he has a short piece of 8mm of the old area... I'd love to see that!

More Jim Walsh

jim_walsh_1.jpg (14883 bytes)
Lemme see.... Jim Walsh, Tonin,

is that Jenny in the bikini?

Walsh _Tonin
Jennie and Gail, always a team until..

Jennie Stewart and Gail ? Hmmm.
Kilua girls

jen_gial68.jpg (8944 bytes)
Jennie met Bob and got married..


bob_jennie.jpg (13657 bytes)
Big Don Huffman visits the "Sun"

Where are you Don?,What happened after all of us G.I's left????  Tell us the guys side of the story.

big_don.jpg (12675 bytes)
And here is Andy... I don't have any other pictures of her and Big Don.

Shucks, I'm not even sure where I got this photo... looks like she originally gave it to De Dee or De Dig or something like that... Andy?? I hear your still in the Islands. Who's photo do I have?

andy.jpg (6945 bytes)
Judy -- Lenore's lil' sister - anyone have a picture of Lenny?  Hey, Judy... Were you fighting with your sister the last time I saw you? Just trying to figure out what happened? len_sis_judy.jpg (13793 bytes)
Marla Sparks - Where is she today? Anybody? marla_don.jpg (12997 bytes)
Jenny in the kitchen, with short hair - this was not to long before I left.


jen_in_kitchen.jpg (18374 bytes)

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