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Starting with my second days e-mails I dug out my photo of the Mellow crew. Looks like Fred (who was the "old man" at the time) was the first to start settling down.. mellow.jpg (16227 bytes)
At the real center of "finding" out what has happened to many people, places and  things is Barb (Maher) Kono who is still on the Island.  Barb  has already helped me a lot!   Thanks for remembering!! Hope something on the site will bring a little joy back to you too.!!

(She looks SooOOO young!?!)
jh photo

barb.jpg (44072 bytes)
Here's a (sunshine in your eye's) photo of Barb (Maher) Kono and Big Don and who is that in back? Were was this taken? The background sure looks familiar. Jim reminds me that it's Makapuu! Another time at Makapu you might remember that we were sitting around at the Kuhio house and someone said the body surf was up at Makapu.  We all loaded in the car and went.  Trouble was that we were all drinking wine that afternoon and the surf was way too high.  We all went in and almost got killed.  When I got out all I saw was three bodies on the beach.  I don't remember who they all were but I think they were you, Walsh and Steve.

(jh photo)

Jim found us Feb 14, I got that standard e-mail  "Are you the Don Bronson that was in Hawaii from '65 to 68 ....."  Since Jim already has his own web site at  I have a photo of him to put in the "Where have all the flowers gone?" page.  Jim, I'd have recognized you right away!

soon - More Jim Walsh

Jim_Walsh2.jpg (15351 bytes)

OK, This is where I should have photo of Steve.  Steve and I will soon have some current photos together.... We only live about fifteen miles apart.
need another picture of Steve Chandler

We should have another picture of Andy right here too.  We know where she is.   She knows we're  here.  She talks to Barb.....
(sniffle- sniffle)
- but she won't talk to me?!?
Some things just don't change!    Say - where is Big Don?
need another picture of Andy

I was so enamoured of Shannon (far left) that I can't remember the names of any of the other Calif Girls in this photo. Help me guys,  this was spring of '68. It was before Pat returned from New York, and after I returned from a trip to the mainland and moved in with Hartle in the New Rising Sun.
Shannon, my ashtray broke after thirty years (quit smoking 18 years ago), but I still have your turtle photo. Did you ever get to teach French? (Language -the French language   guys, - settle down now.)

calif_girls.jpg (18198 bytes)
Pat plays the guitar... What a marvelous woman.. 
She could pitch a softball hard as any man I knew and cook too! 
Reminds me of what a silly stupid boy I still was. Pat, I owe you more apologies than anyone else in the world..
Where are you Pat... I hope you have 10 grandchildren who adore you.
More Pat  pat.jpg (10888 bytes)
Fred and Jackie with their daughter right in front of the beach center in Waikiki.. What a sweetheart!

Is that the Orange Julias (sp?) stand in the background!
fredjackie.jpg (20016 bytes)
The living room at #6.   It was too small for Hawaii 5-0 to use for filming an episode, but we liked it!! I think the outside of the house did show up in one shot. livingroom.jpg (9699 bytes)

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