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This page and it's links cover the time Jim Hartle and I shared Apartment Number 6 at the end of the path near Ohua St.  It doesn't have to end when I leave - or even when Jim leaves.  Big Don, Andy, Pat and Barb were all still there on the path for a while, and I'm hopeful that they will fill in the blanks until the bulldozers came and put an end to "The Jungle."

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This is Jim -   Well, Thirty years ago-

Jim is responsible for getting this page started because after all these years, he found me and sent an e-mail. Now we have found a couple more names - who seem to know where a few more friends are located.  And so it grows.  If you wish to find others, join us in remembering.

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This was the end of the "Rising Sun" for me.  I left Hawaii in October, '68 to marry Leeann on the East Coast and then take her to England with me.  After eight years and two sons, she fell in love with someone else and filed for a divorce while I was away on an extended assignment.  I remarried, eventually regained my sons (after some years) and now have six more (3 boys, 3girls) for a total of eight. - But that's a different web site.

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Don Bronson and Jim and Bill..

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I guess no description of the "Rising Sun" could be complete without the mention of "Primo" beer.  As poor G.I.'s during the sixties we appreciated the fact that after returning the bottles our cost was just under ten cents a bottle.  Even in the mid-60's that was CHEAP!!!!
Even though we did occasionally have a keg'r or three, remember the night at the "Moon" when the Marines up the street ran our keg out the back shower door and we had to go get it back.
Primo was still the primary beverage of the day. Well, except for that Bali-Hai that Bob Willie (Willy?) poured on his Trix in the morning.


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The other thing that Hawaii seemed to have in bewildering abundence, much to my temptation ( It was my greatest weakness),  was beautiful girls.   The local girls frowned on guys who pursued the tourist girls in summer and local girls in winter. But it could be done.  Eventually the local girls ended up being real friends and regular party people... but they wouldn't take you seriously anymore. The real problem was competition from all the other guys. You see, I wasn't the only guy to fall prey to this weakness. See who was around ...

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But, all winter long you could find places to sing songs, laugh and party right there in "The Jungle" Here a bunch of "Sun" alumni party with the neighbors next door.  The Jungle had a little bit of everyone represented, and if it was fun to do it could be found there.  We would also have beach parties at a variety of locations around the island.

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Not just at night either... surfing, and body surfing (like here at Makapuu) provided the opportunity to play all day.  We even had our places to hide out up in the watershed.   I loved it back at the waterfall past the bamboo forest. Once you were back in there for a while,   the birds would start singing again... but if anyone else came they would go quiet again.

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