The Rising Sun -
Hawaii, the way it was!

The Original Rising Sun
The Fallen Moon
The Last Year

rising_sun_logo.jpg (13274 bytes) art by Lil Don
Can you see if that's the Number 8 bus from Hickam to Waikiki?  Anybody know what the drive looks like now? airport_drive.jpg (9932 bytes)
It was still a hot spot, and expensive too in the sixties... is the restaurant still there thirty five years later?? ala_moana.jpg (21636 bytes)
Like the cars?? waikiki_st.jpg (20027 bytes)
The International Market Place.. Wonder if the place that sold the rich sweet yellow Portuguese Sweet Bread is still back on the left hand side near "Don Ho's" Int_mrktplc.jpg (24406 bytes)
Pineapples pineapple.jpg (22180 bytes)
Hey Bill, your blocking the view of the sugar cane!! cane_fields.jpg (12825 bytes)
Harvesting sugar cane cane_harvest.jpg (16179 bytes)
Processing sugar cane cane_plant.jpg (13337 bytes)
On the Navel Air Station nas.jpg (17748 bytes)
Kapu ... ya- so the dummy stands around in a bright red shirt..and a camouflage hat. watershed.jpg (22613 bytes)
A long way down pali_1.jpg (17986 bytes)
a long way up pali_2.jpg (14708 bytes)
no shortcut here pali_3.jpg (20905 bytes)
Rain coming pali_4.jpg (10100 bytes)
Waimea on a summer day wiamaia_flat.jpg (12256 bytes)
pipeline - left pipeline_left.jpg (10724 bytes)
pipeline - right pipeline_right.jpg (10706 bytes)
still about seventy miles out sunset_wing.jpg (8289 bytes)
more coming
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