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Jim Hartle
68 - Present

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What happened to Jim Hartle
- 30 year update -

For those who don't remember or weren't there, I left Hawaii in May 1969.  I sold my old yellow 1960 Ford Galaxy to Don Huffman and he took me to the Airport in the car, with Andy and Barb along for the ride.  Well, some drunk Hawaiian hit us at the airport.  Everyone was all right.  I think Andy was
pregnant with a baby.  Well, the cops came and started writing up the Hawaiian guy.  But, I had to catch the plane.  

Barb ran with me to the terminal she kissed me good bye and I just caught the plane.  It was not the departure we had planned!

I went to College in PA until 1971 when the College and I had a disagreement about attending classes and grades.  They won and I was working in a mobile home factory.  That was too much like real work, so I reenlisted in the AF.  

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I was promised a lot, rank back , etc., but you know the AF.  Ended up with a rank of E-2.  Pretty sad for a former SSgt.  When I reenlisted I chose Computer Maintenance and was off to Keesler for Training.  Then to Barksdale in 1973 and stayed there until 1980.  

1980 to 1983 - SHAPE HQ in Mons Belgium (great assignment).  

Summer of 1983 to summer 1984 - Wurtsmith MI (bad
assignment).  This place was so remote you had to go 50 miles to Alpina, MI to go to a KMart store!  

Then to Goodfellow in 1984 for instructor duty.  
Stayed here until retirement in DEC 1994.  I guess the AF forgot about me.

Got married to Gayle in 1975 at Barksdale.  Love at first site ... etc.  She was divorced and had two boys.  They are 33 and 30 now. Rob and Greg.  I adopted them, and we had no more.  Rob's married to really great girl and they have baby, so we're grand folks.  The other is not married yet.

A went back to college and got a degree at night in 1978.

After retirement I got a job with the local school district here in San Angelo.  I run their network. 35 schools on the WAN a mixture of fiber optic and frame relay.  Lots of servers and lots of trouble.  The District doesn't believe in expensive fixes.  I have 10 technicians and we handle 5,000 PCs
with about 3,000 on the network.  All Novell and Unix.  45 Compaq Servers.   Keeps me busy.

San Angelo is a great place to live.  Low crime and just about everything you want.  The bad part is that no one ever just passes through.  You got to want to come here.  

Well there you have it. - Jim

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