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What happened to Barb (Maher) Kono
- 30 year update -

To give you a brief recap of life since The House of The Rising Sun days - Got married (stupidly) to a guy named Paul Ross (you might have met him) had a daughter and got divorced shortly after that.  I got married for the second time to a hotel manager and was married for a little over nine years - no kids.

After that I started a catering business with a friend of mine and did that full time for 20 years.  Also owned a couple of restaurants along the way.   I now only do catering for long time customers.  Doing that full time is rough on the body and leaves no time for a social life.  

My other job is executive director for the Hawaii Wall & Ceiling Industry Association.  I handle their investments, seminars, promotions, etc.   My daughter, Tanya, is 29 (I can't believe she's that old -- or I'm that old) married with two girls, one 5 months the other 8 years.  They are all great kids, including my son-in-law.  My daughter couldn't have picked a better guy.  On weekends I try to go scuba diving and am into underwater photography.

 I will get in touch with Andy and see if I can get an e-mail address for Don.   I seriously think a reunion should be considered!

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