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The front steps of the Moon, double green doors to the living room. Looks like Lil' Don Standing and Terry? playing guitar.  Notice the large Fallen Moon sign.  Seems to me we had a smaller one that hung on the other side of the door.

Terry Foos _ Navy Years
The curtain to the left was my bedroom "door."

soon - More about Terry


don.jpg (15522 bytes)
Al Knox - Navy Years.   Still haven't seen a photo with Mike in it.  This view is taken from about where Terry is standing in the photo above.


jim.jpg (8395 bytes)
More of Little Don's art work  

" I'm Go "  Note on the photo says this is "Clint's Leg"    Hmmm who is Clint? Looks like a ladies leg to me??




Little Don's Work - I'm Go
Diane? Kehoe, a summer visitor from Minnesota was once named a potential future Mrs. Bronson. Absolutely nothing wrong with Miss Kehoe, but I was out of my mind drunk when I called my Mom to tell her the "Good News."  I think Mike stayed with his Miss Minnesota.  Three girls came over together, Terry and I got away with help from Bob. Mike ended up moving back to the old place on Kuhio with his.  This incident was shortly after Lennie decided I was not suitable companion material.  Lenore always was a bright girl.



makapuu0268.jpg (5612 bytes)
Well,  That's the Chinese Market on the corner.  I used to buy Velveeta and bread - that it. Just Velvetta and bread.


chinese market on the corner
Fred sent me this one and said,
Try this one on for size, Left to right, standing, Keith Adkins, Jackie Wentworth now Jackie Mellow) Fred Mellow, Kelly Hale, Joice King (the one who made the great cornbread for us), Don Bronson, Sitting, left to right Joe Balog, Steve Chandler, Little Don.
rising sun 2.jpg (23120 bytes)
I don't' remember the names of the two girls from across the street,  then comes Leeann, Don Bronson, Barb ( I think) Frank? Jim Hartle and ? Sun Gang.jpg (32210 bytes)
I vaguely remember the guy on the right, but have no name for him.remember Sun visitors.jpg (27102 bytes)
I remember her being around.  But again ... no name. 
Say, remember the diabetic girl who used to come to the parties and we had to watch her to make sure she didn't mess herself up??? I seem to remember her as a lil' skinny thing with dark hair.
sun girl.jpg (32436 bytes)
Leeann's Sunbeam doncar.jpg (27988 bytes)

surprise. FLASH.


primo.jpg (18239 bytes)
Hmmm,  This must have been Christmas of 67, shortly before Leeann was sent back to North Carolina by her family. 


Hmmm, remember the girl, but not a clue on her name.  dontknow.jpg (20243 bytes)
Hmmm, remember the guy, but not a clue on what he's doing with these rental boards.  Had 3 at home. dontknownme.jpg (19844 bytes)
Niki Clifford now "Landgraf". She Came to the Sun when we were in the duplex (The Sun and the Moon). She went to Kalani HS . She moved back to VA in 1968. She is married and lives in Honolulu now.. Niki.jpg (9532 bytes)
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