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rising_sun_logo.jpg (13274 bytes) art by Lil Don
Really, Really- short on photos for this time period.   That is,  unless  we can get ahold of the Navy Guys or Lenny, Jenny, Gail, or other foks that partied with us that year.  Here are Jennie and Al Knox sitting on the front step. al_jen_sun.jpg (9272 bytes)
This was essentially a one room (plus bath) apartment attached to the back of a large two story house on Kuhio Ave.  The room was, divided with a curtain (to the right after entering) as a bedroom door.  al_jen_sun2.jpg (8124 bytes)
It was not all play and no work though. We really were in the service. Hard to believe I know. It was at this KP session that Don Bronson in the center asked Jim Walsh dumpin taters in the back to join the Rising Sun gang. They needed the extra rent money and they had been friends since tech school in Texas.

This is where Lenore (Lenni) led me down the primrose path and smashed me on the rocks of reality.  I pursued her for the rest of my stay in Hawaii, but she would never forgive me for a foolish moment of infidelity. Up until Lenni, I thought the girls would always take me back.......

Alas, so this is what heartbreak feels like...... (sigh) No wonder Big Don had followed her here from Illinois. 


If we don't get more photos from this actual time period, I'll try to fill with other pictures of the folks who visited us here.

The original crew that I remember living here included Al Knox, Terry Foos, Bob Willey, Mike ?, and Don Bronson. The Rising Sun Sign painted by Little Don (at top of this page) was first hung on the right side of this door.. If you paid rent, or partied I'll add your name. Remind Me!

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