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Let me Introduce myself, I'm Don.... not "Big Don" or "Little Don" but the middle sized one who was just  -don-

I used to look like this thirty-two years ago. (before I got old and fat)

Oh ya, HIM! ... well, before you click your back button, check out some of the links above and see if you remember the other folks you would have met at the "Rising Sun" in 1965 -1968. 

As your host for this memory rush,  I still depend on all of you to help me keep the  information correct.  Please, if you see errors, let me know.  Also,   The Original Sun is really short on photos, but most of the people are still around for the Fallen Moon and The Last Year.     Enjoy!!!!

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This is a pictorial story of the people who were the "Rising Sun."  A house that partied, changed, grew, divided, spun off  the "Fallen Moon" and shrank again, but was still there in "The Jungle" behind Waikiki when I left Hawaii in October of 1968. If you were there, then it's your story too. I am missing photo's of many friends. If you would like to add photos please send them to Don Bronson

It was the late 60's - a time of tremendous change.  It was (for me) a great experience.  I look back at it now, and see my behavior was frequently crude, rude, and selfish.  My sincere apologies to those that I treated unfairly. It seems I took a bit longer to grow up than some.  
Still, at this point in my life I "count it all blessings" that I can share these things with you.

Please help me find errors and bad links -- I have been posting so fast that the site architecture has
gotten out of control. If you see any pictures that don't load, links that point to the wrong thing, or
incorrect descriptions of photos please send me a line so I can fix it.  I will do my best to clean up
the appearence of the site after I get the important stuff posted corrrectly.  Thanks & Enjoy  -don-

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